Price Per Head News: 3 Weeks Free Real Premium Tools

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 8.00.27 AMPay per head agents that are ready to experience a real premium sportsbook solution have the opportunity to get a three week FREE trial just in time for Triple Crown. is the industry leading price per head solution that was designed to make online bookies more cash.

Having the right tools will help online bookies and pay per head agents bring in the most profit during these high-stake races.

Premium Means Premium At

PayPerHead is an industry-leading sportsbook management solution that’s been in the business for 20 years.

It’s made for bookies, by bookies, which means agents know they’re getting the best tools and the sharpest lines available.

Just some of the features provided to PayPerHead agents are:

  • The ability to fully customizable dashboards, and easily generate 15+ reports.
  • Analyze weekly balances that include an in-depth report for an agent or a player in a efficient and easier way.
  • Schedule Limit Override – Set scheduled circle limits on a sport, period, or even a profile before the action gets too hot.
  • Create Settle Alerts that will remind you when to needs to collect or pay a player before the limit is reached.
  • Discover Hold Percentages that breakdowns of all sports, leagues, period, bet types, bet counts, volume, wins, and losses for bookies to compare side-by-side. While you get busy promoting those busy games that make agents the most money.
  • The Mass Editing allows agents to set the max betting limits on all players all at once than individually.

Get The Best Platform And The Best Deal

Stop wasting time with the other sportsbook platform – get’s premium sportbook solution today and get a 3 week FREE trial

With 24/7 customer support and a team to help spot the sharps cleaning out the bank, PayPerHead makes it easy to have a profitable online business.

See why at premium really does mean premium. Find out more, and start growing your bottom line today.

Online Bookies: Live Casinos and Horse Betting Will Make You Cash

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 11.03.05 AMGetting more out of your online bookie business has never been easier with the largest horse and casino offering in the industry at

We both know you know what you’re doing when it comes to handling your books. Our software just makes it easier for you to grow your profits and your player list.

Live Casino

Even in the off seasons and between games, your bettors will still be able to find action with casino favorites like Roulette, Craps, and Blackjack.

While your bettors are busy in the casino, you’ll be growing your business by 15-30% annually with our live dealers.

Your players will have 24/7 access to a high-def live stream of lovely ladies dealing Blackjack, Roulette, Baccerat and Casino Hold’em.

On the bookie side, the PayPerHead casino offers three different customizable profiles. So, it’s simple for you provide and manage a unique betting experience for your players.

We also have a 90-day video archive of your players’ hand, so you wont have to worry about unpaid claims.

And did I mention, you get this entire casino offering at zero the cost when you’re a PayPerHead agent.

Live Horse Betting

When your players aren’t in the casino, they’ll be busy with over 70 race tracks. And the most advance live horse betting solutions out there.

You get your very own 24/7 stage crew. A team of horse betting experts will help you to manage your account and find the sharp who’s costing you money.

Twelve pre-set horse betting profiles will help you maximize your profit by allowing you to customize them into your players betting experience.

And it’s easy to control all this action with our bookie friendly platform.

You’ll have full access to features that allow you to adjust credit limits, suspend or reactivate accounts, change horse betting parlay, odds, and payouts, adjust the vigorish you’re charging, and grade horse bets almost instantly with up-to-the minute stats.

Get the Best in The Business

Start using the most advance sports betting platform in the market. And give your players access to the largest casino and horse betting offering in the industry – you won’t regret it.

PayPerHead’s premium platform is on for Half the Price! Have access to the Live Casino and Horse Betting, plus the premium tools you need to mitigate risks during live betting games.

Get the right team, and the right tools, with

3 Pay Per Head Tools To Use During NCAAB March Madness

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 9.41.36 AMTwo weeks are left in the 2017 NCAA Tournament. This week, the tournament pares the Sweet 16 down to the Elite 8 on Thursday, and Friday.

Then, on Saturday and Sunday, 4 games will be played to determine the 2017 Final Four.

Online bookie agents need the best tools possible to ensure they can manage March Madness action. See below for 3 PPH tools that bookmakers can use.

Live Bet Ticker

Since so many games are played during March Madness, it’s important for per head agents to have access to a live bet ticker.

The live bet ticker offered by companies like, has features that are designed to help bookmakers find the important information quickly.

PayPerHead’s live bet ticker shows sports bets as they are inserted, shows all open bets, and can filter by amounts, and risk or win.

The most important feature of the live bet ticker during March Madness is that it allows bookmakers to delete bets.

Schedule Limit Override

Setting schedule limit overrides on March Madness games is a way to:

1) ensure action goes on a different, or other game or games

2) manage action on a specific game

3) manage March Madness action on all games.

Since Mach Madness is the second biggest betting event of the year, the Super Bowl is still number 1, many pay per head agents are going to notice an uptick in action during March Madness.

Managing all the action could be difficult. Online bookies could set a circle limit on specific games by scheduling a limit override.

Or, if online bookies have collectively accepted too much action on March Madness games, they can set a schedule limit override that lasts until the 2018 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Weekly Balance by Agent or Player

Since its March Madness Week 2, online bookies should look to see which one of their players has bet the most, or least, on March Madness games.

For master agents with sub-agents, they should see if their sub-agents have any balances.

The PayPerHead weekly balance report can be formatted to the agent’s needs. It can also be broken down by business unit to track profit.

Bookmakers can also create detailed sub-reports for their players.

In the two weeks left in March Madness, online bookies should take advantage of software tools to manage action.

3 of those tools are the weekly balance by agent or player report, the live bet ticker, and the schedule limit override tool.

Right now, you can still get PayPerHead’s premium platform for HALF THE PRICE through all the March Madness action.

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Online Bookies Get the Inside Scoop with The Right Per Head Platform

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 4.59.33 PMOur PayPerHead team have been helping online bookies grow their profits, and their player lists for over 2 decades.

When you become a PayPerHead agent, we give you proven tactics to attract new bettors to your book. We get them playing more often, and make it simple to manage that action, so you’re racking in the most money possible.

What types of tactics are we talking about? Well here’s a sneak peak with 5 steps for making more cash during the NFL Playoffs this up and coming year.

Step 1 – Build your team

Build a referral team of a few of your best players by fiving them the inside scoop and a bonus for talking to players, and getting them betting.

An inexpensive bonus to offer right now? A $10 free credit for every $100 each week during the NFL Playoffs.

Step 2 – Size Matters

Know your players bank rolls and keep them within their limits. Encourage small, frequent bets, so it doesn’t feel like your limiting their activity.

Youi should also prevent your players from over betting during a bad run.  They could tap out of their bankroll before they get back in the black and walk away

Step 3 – promote contrarian betting

Tap into your players’ extensive sports knowledge and make them feel elite by promoting the contrarian bet.

How can you tell which public bets are favorites? If the matchup has over 75% of the bets on it, it’s probably being overvalued

Step 4 – Use Live Wagering For The Win

Takes advantage of the fact that 34% of Americans are using a mobile device while they watch sports.

Make tons of cash with texting, tweeting, or emailing your players during the game with real time betting suggestions.

Step 5 – Offer free play strategies

A strategic free play can be turned into thousands of dollars worth of wagers. Make a budget for your strategy to determine how much you can afford with the offer. And you’ll come out on top with even more action than before.

Want unlimited access to more industry secrets just like these? Become a PayPerHead agent today and start some serious growth to your business.

Talk to a PayPerHead agent today and find out how you can make more money with the best resources, and the best team in the business.

Price Per Head News: Real Premium Tools For Half the Price

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 4.59.05 PMExperience the industry-leading premium per head software and the tools it has to offer for half-off the original price during March Madness. is offering online bookies the chance to utilize powerful tools that every bookie needs to successfully grow their book and their business.

Online bookies will get access to the best tools that no other pay per head software can offer. If you’re a per head agents who wants to grow their book during March Madness – now’s the time.

Become a PayPerHead agent today and get their premium software for half the price.

The Premium Plan Features:

  • Extremely customizable dashboards, and the ability to generate 15+ reports.
  • Compare weekly balances with an in-depth report for both an agent or a player, in one single place.
  • Schedule Limit Override – Set scheduled circle limits on a sport, period, or even a profile.
    Example- Set a limit of $100 for all up and coming football games for 30mins, a day, a month, and so on.
  • Settle Alert – Set up pre-settle alerts to know when to needs to collect or pay a player before the limit is actually reached.
  • Hold Percentage – Get a breakdown of all sports, leagues, period, bet types, bet counts, volume, wins, and losses for bookies to compare side-by-side. This is where you can leverage and promote the most important games that will make you most money.
  • The Mass Editing tool allows online bookies to set max betting limits on all players all at once, this time efficient tool helps to mitigate risk and adjust payouts.

Join PayPerHead Today’s 50% off offer on their premium software is only available during March Madness.

Agents and online bookies who are looking to grow their business and increase their profits should take advantage of this offer before its gone forever.

See what PayPerHead can offer for your business with it’s latest and powerful features and more. Start making more money with a premium price per head software, join today.