Pay Per Head Tips: Understanding Parlay Betting and Profitability

In almost every case, parlay betting leads to profitability. Online bookie agents must first understand this before reading the rest of this blog.

That’s the key thing to remember. Don’t fear parlay bets. There are some things to consider, though.

Before getting into that, check out why parlay betting is a great driver of profits.

Parlay Bets – Huge Profit Drivers

Parlay bets are huge profit drivers because in most cases parlays are designed to ensure losses. Yes, a casual player will occasionally hit a huge parlay. Huge parlays almost never happen.

The reason is due to the parlays odds structure. A 2-team parlay pays 2 to 1. The true odds are much closer to 3 to 1, or, maybe, even 7 to 2.

When it comes to football, basketball, and baseball games, Vegas oddsmakers are so good at creating correct against the spread odds that it’s much more difficult to hit a single game, much less 2 games.

Think of parlay betting as more like a casino bet than anything else. When a player spins the roulette wheel, that player gets even money if the ball falls on red or black.

The true odds of the ball falling on red or black isn’t even money because of the 2 green spaces.

That’s where the casino gets its edge in roulette betting. The edge in parlay betting is the spread. That’s what the spread is for. It’s designed to make both sides of a wager attractive so that money is spread around on different games, from different players, across the sports betting board.

But, you might be thinking, can’t smart pro players juice parlay bets by adding money line teams? Ah, that’s why the next section is so important for pay per head agents to read.

How to Prevent Money Line Juiced Parlay Bets

Here’s a reminder:  you, the per head agent, runs your own business. The bookmaking business belongs to you. Why must you allow players to add as many money line bets as possible to a parlay?

Nothing says you can disallow players from adding money line wagers to boost their parlay payouts. Just don’t allow it.

You can also put a limit to the number of teams placed into any parlay bet. There’s no reason, as an example, for someone to put 10 teams into a parlay. You can also decide to take a game off the board for parlay betting.

Thinking about the point spread is a good method to finding games to take off the board for parlay wagers. Clemson is favored by close to 40 points to beat Kent State in a Saturday game.

Clemson is such a huge favorite that it’s obvious odds makers came up with a random number.

Maybe, disallowing Clemson to be a part of any parlay bets makes sense because Vegas created a spread that appears to have nothing to do with research.

If you use smart management methods to prevent the big parlay score, the likelihood of a big parlay score happening is almost nil.

All online bookie agents should encourage parlay bets. The edge is definitely with the bookie.

Manage Risk With A Sportsbook Management Software

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5 Reasons Master Agents Should Take Their Sportsbook Offshore

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 6.32.33 PMPay per head master agents should take their sportsbooks offshore. There are several reasons why this is the case.

Below, are 5 of the most important reasons.

1. Time is Money

The adage particularly makes sense in the sports betting industry. Time is definitely money if you’re an agent.

If you’re a master agent, time is more money to you.

Master agents oversee every aspect of their businesses. This includes overseeing subagents.

Trying to oversee subagents in person can be a time/money waster.

Agents must realize that working with an offshore pay per head company prevents time/money loss.

2. Forget About Excel

If you’re working with excel, you’re wasting time/money. Most agents aren’t experts with excel.

It’s not the easiest program to learn. Unless you do it every day, there are many things agents will never learn.

Reports from a reputable offshore pay per head company makes excel sheets obsolete.

Some per head companies provide varying reports.

The best per head companies provide: 

  • Player Activity Reports
  • simple Betting Statistics Reports
  • and a Wagers Report.

That’s the bare minimum successful master agents need.

3.  Easily Figure Out Monthly Expenses

What are an agent’s monthly expenses? How much time did it take the agent to satisfy a customer’s need?

How much time did it take the master agent to go through the excel sheets for each one of her sub-agents?

Again, time is money.

Signing up with an offshore pay per head company allows agents to forecast their monthly expenses.

Forecasting allows master agents to prepare for the future. Agents won’t know what to do with their extra cash, via cash flow, if they can’t forecast expenses.

4. Manage Sub-Agents

Per head tools allow master agents to effectively manage their sub-agents. One of the most important aspects of managing sub-agents is to look at the master sheet.

A good online bookie agent master sheet shows sub-agent balances. It also shows agent balances.

Collating information yourself can lead to time/money wasted.

Checking a great per head master sheet allows agents to quickly see which sub-agents are underperforming.

5. Overall Efficiency

Working with a pay per head partner leads to greater overall efficiency. Efficiency is the name of the game when running any business.

At the end of the day, online bookies are sales people. Their goal is to find clients. Their secondary goal is to keep clients happy.

Happy clients in the sports betting industry bet more.

Master agents should leave the technical aspects of their business, the excel sheet stuff, to the experts at a great per head company.

That gives master agents more time to find the right sub-agents, and to take care of their best clients.

Tools provided by excellent pay per head companies allow for overall efficient business management. offers all these must-haves and more. And, online bookies looking to upgrade to master agent status can take advantage of their Prime Package deal happening now. Get the industry-leading sportsbook management software for half the price.

All the great features, tools, and reports an agent needs to become a master agents, and to stop wasting money.

Why Every Pay Per Head Agents Needs A Customizable Dashboard


There are numerous reasons an online bookie might want to become an online agent.

The most important reason is access to valuable software that can help an online bookie maintain an already profitable business.

Some bookmakers then wish to grow their businesses. Other bookmakers only care about maintaining consistent profitability.

Both goals can be determined by the value found in the per head dashboard.

Everything Starts with the Pay Per Head Dashboard

A pay per head dashboard is an agent’s most important tool. The dashboard is the hub of an agent’s entire business.

The dashboard itself can add efficiency to an agent’s organization simply be allowing the agent to work faster.

The best pay per head dashboards allows for customization. Customization can lead to all sorts of important actionable decisions.

Not Every Per Head Agent Works the Same

Why customize a dashboard at all? Not all pay per head agents work the same. Many don’t.

It goes back to the above: some agents wish to maintain consistent profitability while some agents wish to grow their business.

Those are two different goals. An agent that wishes to grow her business might use more promotion techniques.

That agent might want to know if action comes from only a few casual players.

An agent that wishes to maintain her business has a different goal. This agent might want to keep two or three pro players happy month-to-month.

Some agents might have both goals. No matter the goals, agents find the info needed to reach the goals through per head reports.

What Reports are Most Valuable?

All agents are CEOs of their own companies. What CEOs primarily do is study information. Information studied from reports must be actionable.

The best dashboards can do two things. It’s customizable for agents looking to grow their businesses. It also provides presets that allows for day to day maintenance.

Each agent must decide what reports are most valuable based on her goals.

Pre-set option – Excellent per head dashboards have a pre-set option. Pre-set reports should provide all information an online bookie needs to maintain her current client base.

This could be the only information bookmakers need to efficiently run their businesses.

That’s not an issue. But, if bookies wish to grow their businesses, they should consider customizing their dashboards.

Customization option – Great dashboards allow for customization. Pay per head agents can customize their dashboards to display information needed to grow their businesses.

If an agent decides to invest $1,000 into marketing his or her business, it’s important to know where those marketing dollars are best well spent.

That’s just an example of how a customized dashboard can lead to reports that lead to business growth.

Get the Right Per Head Solution

Customizing a dashboard could be exactly what an agent must do to gain information that leads to growth. Agents looking to only maintain their businesses might just use pre-sets.

Those agents should go with a per head company that at least offers a customized dashboard.

Great CEOs change their minds all the time. Pay per head agents that wish to be, or already are, great CEOs should never delete options. offers fully customizable dashboards with over 15 different reports. Per head agents just need to decide which reports are best for them, and what their business plan is.

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How to Recognize Triple Crown Expert Wagering & Keep Your Bottom Line Safe

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 7.06.56 PMFor many pay per head agents the Triple Crown of horse racing is when action peaks in the online racebook.

The 3-race Triple Crown, the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont, can lead to a ton of action, which most agents can quickly turn into profit.

But, agents can also lose plenty of money during Horse Racing’s Triple Crown. The reason is because professional horseplayers, or Triple Crown experts, pounce on the giant pools for all 3 Triple Crown Races.

Keep your bottom line safe by studying the below information.

Differences Between Expert Horseplayers and Casual Horseplayers

There’s a major difference between expert horseplayers and casual horseplayers. Expert horseplayers always bet more on exotic wagers, trifecta, exacta, superfecta, etc., than they do on straight bets:  win, place, and show.

Expert horseplayers construct tickets. You might see an expert horseplayer create 1 to 3 different superfecta tickets for a single race:

1 w/2, 3, 4 w/2, 3, 4, 5 w/2, 3, 4, 5

2, 3, 4, 5 w/1 w/2, 3, 4 w/2, 3, 4

2, 3, 4 w/2, 3, 4 w/1 w/2, 3, 4

Pro horseplayers spread exotic tickets like the superfecta to keep their cost down and the chances of hitting a big score up. Horseplayers don’t always hit their superfecta tickets.

But, the payouts can be astronomical, like over $75,000 for $1 in the Kentucky Derby, when big time exotic plays do hit.

How Keeping Your Per Head Bottom Line Safe

There are 2 things online bookies can do to prevent a pro horseplayer, or Triple Crown expert, from crippling their businesses.

Set Max Betting Limits on Races – The best way is to prevent pro horseplayers from creating multiple wagers past a specific bet amount.

Allowing, as an example, horseplayers to only invest $200 or $300 any way they want into a single race, significantly cuts the chances of a horseplayer hitting it big.

Set Max Winning Limits on the Race itself – You’re a private business owner. It makes no sense for you not to set max winning limits on the race itself.

There’s no reason any horseplayers that wager through you should make more than $5,000 on any single race.

That’s just an opinion. Your max winning limit threshold could be lower or higher than that. If you set max betting limits on races, and a max winning limit on races, you won’t need to know which of your players are expert Triple Crown Bettors.

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