Why Carson Wentz and the Colts Aren’t A Good Bet

Carson Wentz #11 of the Philadelphia Eagles warms up. Stacy Revere/Getty Images/AFP

Carson Wentz #11 of the Philadelphia Eagles warms up. Stacy Revere/Getty Images/AFP


On the heels of the news that the Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts reached an agreement to trade Carson Wentz, bookmakers across USA betting sites promptly reassessed Super Bowl 56 markets accordingly by improving Indianapolis’ odds in the broad spectrum of Super Bowl 56 futures betting. However, the improvement is fractional at best and sees the Colts move from approximately +2500 to +2200 to win Super Bowl 56.

With the NFL odds for Indianapolis shortening only marginally, it’s obvious that the addition of Wentz to the Colts’ roster isn’t a big enough deal. Not nearly as impactful as the blockbuster trade between the Detroit Lions and Los Angeles Rams at the start of the offseason, which saw the two sides swap quarterbacks to great effect in the betting. Well, as far as the LA Rams are concerned. In acquiring Matthew Stafford, the Rams skyrocketed into the top 5 best bets to win SBLVI next February.

The jury is out on Wentz and the value he brings to the Colts after his 2020 season, which was a statistical disaster. Wentz ranked amongst the worst quarterbacks in just about every single category that matters for a signal caller. Whether his regression was a product of the circumstances in Philly or the result of his own failings remains to be seen though. It’s impossible to say for certain right now, which might be a reason why most sports betting sites are on the fence. taking a modest stance where the Colts are concerned. https://twitter.com/ProFootballTalk/status/1363861821413875714?s=20

It doesn’t help Indianapolis’ cause either that there’s a lack of enthusiasm internally. For instance, Indianapolis Colts’ wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. wears No.11, and according to early reports it doesn’t seem he’s inclined to relinquish his jersey number to Wentz, who’s had the number since his heyday in North Dakota before carrying it proudly through his first five season with the Eagles..

“I am No. 11,” said Pittman to TMZ Sports. “And I don’t think there’s any deal that’s going to be done.”

Clearly, the addition of Wentz isn’t having a positive or inspiring impact on the locker room, and if the TMZ report were any indication, it seems Wentz will have to settle on a different number in his second act with the Colts.

Compare this to Tom Brady’s arrival in Tampa Bay last season, where Buccaneers’ Chris Goodwin was the proud owner of the No.12 jersey. It proved to be a seamless transition, Goodwin happily relinquishing the number to his newly signed quarterback without fuss or muss, and for free.

Carons Wentz’s early years with the Eagles were promising, and that promise quickly came together in 2017, which to date is Wentz’ best individual season. Wentz went on a tear, putting together an MVP-calibre deposit until disaster struck towards the tail end of the regular season.. He suffered a season-ending injury that relegated him to the side lines, forcing him to watch helplessly as backup Nick Foles led the Eagles through the playoffs and all the way to an incredulous Super Bowl victory against the NFL odds. To date, the Eagles’ win over the Patriots in SBLII is one of the greatest anomalies in NFL history.

Since Philly’s Super Bowl LII victory, the Eagles regressed. With each passing season, the regression has been more pronounced, leading many to look towards Wentz as the cause. Wentz once looked like one of the league’s most promising young quarterbacks, but in the last three years – ever since Foles’ statue was erected in front of Lincoln Financial Stadium to commemorate his SBLII victory – he’s been on a downward spiral.

Wentz hit a new nadir this season, putting together one of the worst accounts by any quarterback by the numbers. He was inaccurate, ineffective and totally unimpressive under pressure, and he ultimately lost the starting job to rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts.

Wentz was the most sacked quarterback (50 sacks), threw the most interceptions (15) and had one of the lowest QB ratings (72.8) in 2020. Doug Pederson’s decision to bench Wentz in the last month of the season was hardly surprising given the stats, although it didn’t help Philly’s cause in the end despite the weak state of affairs in the NFC East.

It’s hard to understand what has gone wrong with Wentz since the promise of his early days, but it’s also hard to imagine how he’ll turn things around in the space of a few months with a new team in the upcoming season, even if he’s reuniting with his former offensive coordinator, Frank Reich, in Indianapolis.

Wentz has thrown has thrown 28 interceptions over the last two campaigns — and, it’s worth pointing out, he’s only played 28 games in those two years. This season, he accounted for 15 interceptions (the most in the league) to just 16 TDs, all the while getting sacked a staggering 50 times. Wentz’ downward spiral is underpinned by a glaring lack of confidence and poor decision-making on the field.

Colts head coach Frank Reich had previously worked with Carson Wentz in Philadelphia as his offensive coordinator, overseeing the development of Wentz during his early years in the league. They had success together, no doubt about it. And clearly, their reunion hopes to reignite that chemistry and success.

Since the 2020 season ended so acrimoniously for Wentz and the Eagles, rumours tied Wentz and Reich together in a possible reunion in Indianapolis. Indeed, NFL betting markets had the Colts as the top landing spot for Wentz, especially after it was made public that Wentz wanted out of Philly. During Reich’s stint with the Eagles, Wentz enjoyed some of his best results in the league. https://twitter.com/MikeGarafolo/status/1362443630284275720?s=20

Perhaps, in theory, the reunion works. Wentz and Reich have proven to be a good fit in the past. But that was then. A lot has happened since Wentz and Reich were separated.

The Colts are a good team, a potential championship calibre team that is merely a quarterback away from going the distance. Thus, it’s fair to say, that puts the onus on Wentz more so than on Reich to make this partnership work again. Put it another way, there will be no more excuses available for Wentz this time around.


To Win Super Bowl 56 Odds For All 32 Teams According to William Hill

  • Kansas City Chiefs +550
  • Green Bay Packers +900
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +900
  • Baltimore Ravens +1200
  • Buffalo Bills +1200
  • Los Angeles Rams +1300
  • San Francisco 49ers +1400
  • New Orleans Saints +1800
  • Cleveland Browns +2000
  • Seattle Seahawks +2000
  • Indianapolis Colts +2200
  • Miami Dolphins +2500
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +2800
  • Tennessee Titans +2800
  • Dallas Cowboys +3000
  • Los Angeles Chargers +3000
  • Arizona Cardinals +4000
  • Minnesota Vikings +4000
  • New England Patriots +4000
  • Carolina Panthers +5000
  • Chicago Bears +5000
  • Las Vegas Raiders +5000
  • Philadelphia Eagles +5000
  • Atlanta Falcons +6000
  • Washington Football Team +6000
  • Denver Broncos +7500
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +7500
  • New York Giants +7500
  • New York Jets +8000
  • Cincinnati Bengals +10000
  • Houston Texans +10000
  • Detroit Lions +12500

Can the Chargers Make the Playoffs Next Season?

Mike Williams #81 of the Los Angeles Chargers warms up. Jamie Squire/Getty Images/AFP

Mike Williams #81 of the Los Angeles Chargers warms up. Jamie Squire/Getty Images/AFP


The Chargers were a heartthrob in 2020. Capturing the hearts of many, Justin Herbert played exceptionally, finishing with the best numbers ever seen for a rookie quarterback. Despite all of this, Los Angeles didn’t turn out to be very good. The team tantalized us with some big offensive performances, but it lost many close games in excruciating fashion with the defense blowing late leads.

There’s talent up and down this roster. Now, with a new head coach, is it possible the Chargers could make the playoffs in a crowded AFC?

Before looking at the conference as a whole, let’s first do the obvious and examine their position in the division. Is there a chance they can finish as the best team, and secure an automatic bid as one of the AFC’s top four seeds? Well, considering the Kansas City Chiefs finished atop the AFC West at 14-2 last season, and don’t look like they are going anywhere anytime soon, I’m going to say no.

So, that means the Chargers are going to have to play for the wild card. Can they secure 10 wins? Surely that would do the trick. Well, they’re unfortunately going to have to face the Chiefs twice, which will likely result in a pair of losses. Additionally, two against the Raiders, and meetings with AFC North powers Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Baltimore will be very difficult. Right there, you could be looking at five losses. On the bright side, however, the Chargers will have the benefit of playing the horrendous NFC East this year, which could gift them some much-needed victories.

Considering the strength of schedule, the Chargers are going to need prove they’re better than at least two of some aforementioned elite AFC teams. Much of that is going to depend on what the team is able to do over the off-season. Los Angeles has over $34 million in cap space, the ninth-most in the league, and will have the opportunity to sign a plethora of helpful pieces. One of them could end up being Joe Thuney, who has been linked to the Chargers because of their dreadful offensive line. Los Angeles’ line ranked dead last at 32nd in the league last season according to Pro Football Focus, carrying on a trend of poor play at the position. Trai Turner and Brian Bulaga were brought in to shore up the right side of the line, but the pair did anything but.

The Chargers will also have the opportunity to build a contender through the draft. They own the 13th and 47th picks, and the totality of their selections grade out as the 12th-best in the league. Many have them taking an offensive lineman at 13. Los Angeles may also want to address the running back position; while Austin Ekeler is talented, and the team just selected Justin Jackson, L.A. still ranked 30th of 32 teams in yards per carry last year.

Back to the question at hand, though, is this team good enough to make the playoffs? In its current state, I’d have to say no. There is certainly promise surrounding the team with a talented quarterback like Herbert, but there are far too many holes and new coach Brandon Staley is going to have a lot to prove. Los Angeles ranked 18th in scoring offense and 23rd in scoring defense a year ago, signaling there are also issues galore on defense in addition to the ones presented on the offensive line.

The Chargers are likely a year or two away from real contention. It’s realistic to call games against the Bengals, Broncos (2x), Texans, Giants, Patriots and Football Team wins. After that, it gets muddy. The Chargers are going to need to knock off some powerhouses, and it doesn’t seem they’re quite at the level yet to unseat one of last year’s playoff teams. Considering we’re going back to the traditional format of two wild-card teams, it’s likely we’ll see both spots go to AFC North teams, with the seasons all three of the division’s top teams are coming off. Considering the Chargers will have to play those three teams, too, they’re getting the short end of the stick. Perhaps in a season where they don’t have to face this stiff competition, and some of their holes are shored up, Los Angeles can make the playoffs. That’s encouraging! Unfortunately, though, 2021 won’t be the year.

Is Justin Fields A Better Bet to Go First Overall in the 2021 NFL draft?

Justin Fields #1 of the Ohio State Buckeyes warms up. Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images/AFP

Justin Fields #1 of the Ohio State Buckeyes warms up. Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images/AFP


Trevor Lawrence is the heavy favorite to go first in the upcoming NFL Draft, but is he a lock bet? Could there be cause for another player to be selected No.1? We weigh in on the odds and serve up some thoughts to consider.

As it currently stands in the betting, Clemson quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, is a runaway favourite across multiple betting sites to go first in the 2021 NFL draft. Although the price tag varies from book to book, the Clemson product nevertheless is unanimously tipped as the top bet in the market. No sportsbook offers up an alternative top pick, nor do most mock 2021 NFL drafts entertain the possibility of another player going No.1 either.

It’s not often the case in the draft process that there is such clarity, but it’s the way it happens to set up this year. How it’s been carefully and consciously set up over the last year with Lawrence being talked up by football analysts, scouts and media experts as a “generational talent.” The best thing since sliced bread….

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Who Will Be the Next Starting Quarterback for the Colts?

There might not be a better landing spot for one of the many quarterbacks in limbo this off-season than the Indianapolis Colts. Boasting one of the best defenses in football last season, Indy finished 11-5, missing out on the AFC South title on a tiebreaker and heading to the postseason as a wild card. There, Philip Rivers and the offense nearly pulled the upset over Buffalo, who wound up running all the way to the AFC Championship Game.

As you may have heard, or deduced from the first line of this story, Rivers won’t be returning for the 2021-22 season, retiring from the NFL after 17 seasons. With that, the Colts are looking for a new quarterback. There are so many different routes Indy can go here, whether it’s exploring trades, signing a free-agent or drafting one of the many young talents available this spring. Let’s look into four different options for the Colts.


Quarterback Carson Wentz #11 of the Philadelphia Eagles warms up. Christian Petersen/Getty Images/AFP

Quarterback Carson Wentz #11 of the Philadelphia Eagles warms up. Christian Petersen/Getty Images/AFP


Carson Wentz

This one could make the most sense. Wentz is an established pro, and considering he’s coming off a down season, the Eagles are desperate to get him off their hands and the price shouldn’t be super high here. In fact, looking at the haul that the Lions received for taking on Jared Goff’s ugly contract, the Colts might be inclined to take a chance here.

Indianapolis is a natural fit for Wentz’s $34.7 million cap hit in 2021 with the second-most space under the cap at a number north of $78 million. Adding Wentz to an already-strong offense which includes many playmakers at skill positions like Jonathan Taylor, Michael Pittman Jr. and Nyheim Hines could be lethal, and the draft picks could ensure Indianapolis can continue to add talent without spending much money, with a lot of it being devoted to paying Wentz.

There’s also the fact that Colts head coach Frank Reich was Wentz’s offensive coordinator for two seasons in Philly, and receivers coach Mike Groh was Wentz’s offensive coordinator in 2018 and 2019 when Reich departed. This would be a perfect spot for a reclamation project, and the Colts would have all the incentives in the world to take on Wentz with the picks that surely would be attached.

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Should Bettors Put Stock in Russell Wilson Trade Rumors?

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson #3 of the Seattle Seahawks.

Russell Wilson is reportedly frustrated in Seattle, sparking the rumor mill with speculations of a potential trade.

Super Bowl Sunday saw Russell Wilson, along with his wife Ciara, cozying up to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in a private box at Raymond James Stadium. They watched Tom Brady, in his tenth career Super Bowl appearance, lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a comprehensive victory over the favored Kansas City Chiefs. What was going through Wilson’s mind as he watched history unfold before his eyes is anybody’s guess, but like everyone watching the big game on Sunday (most from the confines of their homes), he must have been suitably impressed by Brady’s incredible accomplishment in turning around a modest franchise into a championship-winning team against the NFL odds.

Winning the Man of the Year award predicated Wilson’s appearance in Tampa Bay on Sunday. A noteworthy honor, but a small consolation prize nonetheless considering the manner in which is 2020 NFL season started. The Seahawks burst out of the gates with a 5-0 SU mark, largely on the back of Wilson’s elite play. That prompted MVP talk for Wilson, seeing as he was a major reason why the Seahawks went undefeated in the first five weeks of the season. However, his high level of play proved unsustainable, masking the Seahawks’ flaws only for so long before they reared their ugly head.

It was Seattle’s bottom-ranked defense that ultimately proved their undoing. Although the Seahawks did go on to win the NFC West, they flopped spectacularly in the playoffs as the defense failed miserably against the offensively shorthanded Los Angeles Rams in the wildcard round.

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