Free Online Bookie Guide to More Profits during the NFL Playoffs


Free Online Bookie Guide to More Profits during the NFL Playoffs

The new NFL playoff guide from is revealing over 20 years worth of industry secrets and teaching pay per head businesses how to grow during this high-traffic time of year.

 Some of the practical insights included are:

  • How To Keep Your Book Balanced
  • Proven Free Play Strategies
  • The Secret Bet Type That’s Sitting Right In Front Of You
  • How To Get Your Players To Bet The Way You Want
  • How To Manage Player Bankrolls and Keep Them Coming Back
  • The Right Way To Build Your Team

There are also free pro-tips throughout the guide, Bookie Success Secrets: NFL Playoff Edition, to lend experience to those who are newer to the game:

“Know your players’ bankroll and keep them within their limits by encouraging small, frequent bets so it doesn’t feel like you’re limiting their activity.” took this resource one step further and included 8 easy-to-use assets to make managing your players and balancing your book quicker and easier:

  1. 15 Free Bet Suggestions to Boost Activity
  2. Email Templates for Referral Programs
  3. Classic Line Movement Formulas for Balancing Your Book
  4. 4 Successful Parlay Scenarios that Convince Bettors
  5. Live Wagering Text Message Templates
  6. 4 Steps to Managing Your Problem Players
  7. One Month Playoff Calendar for Player Management
  8. 6 Contrarian Bet Formulas

This guide is extremely useful in preparing for the Super Bowl, but it’s only available for a limited time.

You need to sign up for’s Super Bowl Madness offer in order to get your hands it.

It’s just one of three bonuses included in the deal:

  • Bonus #1: Bookie Success Secrets: NFL Playoff Edition
  • Bonus #2: Your choice of either an Account Upgrade of $10 per head for all $15 per head account features or 5% Cash Back on all agent deposit activity with full access to the Premium Plan at $15/head
  • Bonus #3: Discounted live wagering during NCAA March Madness

You should look into the full details of the Super Bowl Madness promotion and consider making a platform switch while you can save so much (and make so much) money.

3X Bonus Offer for Online Bookies: Account Upgrade or 5% Cash Back


To make money during the Super Bowl season you need to have strategies for increasing bets, an up-to-date pay per head platform, and features your players want to use.

The new Super Bowl Madness offer from includes a triple bonus that will cover all of those must-haves for you:

Bonus #1: Industry Leading Platform is used by over 7,500 bookies and they have been in the business for over 20 years, they know what a bookie needs from their betting software.

When you sign up for the Super Bowl Madness offer you’ll get full access to their platform and you’ll get to choose your welcome bonus:

  • A Premium Account Upgrade of $10 per head for all $15 per head account features
  • or 5% Cash Back on all agent deposit activity with full access to the Premium Plan at $15/head

Both of the packages include 7 days free, 24-7 Telephone Wagering, Virtual & Live Dealer Casinos, and Unlimited Player Profiles.

You can get more Super Bowl Madness details here.

Bonus #2: Free NFL Playoff Guide

The second bonus is the Bookie Success Secrets: NFL Playoff Edition guide that reveals practical industry advice like:

  • The Right Way To Build Your Team
  • How To Get Your Players To Bet The Way You Want
  • How To Keep Your Book Balanced
  • Proven Free Play Strategies

This guide can help you prepare for the playoffs and keep your business growing afterwards, but it’s only available until the Super Bowl.

You can get your copy by clicking here.

Bonus #3: Discount Live Betting

The last bonus included in this high-value offer is discounted live wagering for NCAA March Madness.

Offering your players live betting in March will help keep your players betting after the Super Bowl, and you’ll be able to do it at a discount.

Get the full list of what’s included in the Super Bowl Madness offer and consider switching to before the busy season really gets going.

Switch to and They’ll Pay Your Last Bill!


One of our favorite providers in the pay per head industry is causing a stir by offering to pay online bookies to switch to their platform.

PayPerHead is a known leader in betting software for bookies, so the chance to use their platform and have them pay off your last bill with your current provider has considerable value.

This rarely-seen offer includes:

  • A completely painless transition with free data and player migration
  • After your first billing week, you will receive a full credit to your PayPerHead account in the amount of your last bill with your current provider
  • A free custom website that is professionally designed and mobile friendly
  • Access to their 24/7 customer service in English, Spanish, and Chinese
  • Use of the most up-to-date pay per head platform in the industry

Take this opportunity to work with the best in the business before December is over; simply switch your pay per head platform today.

If you’re wondering what you have to do to take advantage of this awesome deal, all the details are here:

  • You must provide a digital copy of your current bill and make sure it includes an active player count
  • You must be in good standing with your last platform; this offer only applies to 1 week of billing
  • You must make an initial deposit of $250 into your new PayPerHead account
  • Finally, you need to share the details of your current platform pay rate

PayPerHead is completely upfront about the $250 initial deposit because they’ve crunched the numbers and they prove this is a great investment:

Rate: $15 per head
Total Players: 33
Last Bill: $495
Surplus After Initial $250 Deposit: $245

This deal works out in your favor whether your book is big or small.

Even if you had only 20 players at the same rate, you’d still be saving $50 by switching your platform to PayPerHead.

This high-value offer will make you money and save you stress while giving you an amazing platform.

Get started with your painless pay per head switch right now before December’s over.

Free Bookie eBook: Guide to Growing Your Pay Per Head Business


One of our favorite platforms in the pay per head industry has just released a brand new eBook giving you all the information you need to grow your online bookie business.

When you download your “Guide to Growing Your Pay Per Head Business” for free from, you’ll be learning the best ways to:

  • Prospect initial clients
  • Calculate and monitor your bankroll
  • Stay informed on the odds and the action you’re taking
  • Perform effective client follow-ups
  • Run a balanced book
  • Start a multi-sport business
  • Hire different types of employees
  • Deal with non-paying clients

BONUS: By signing up for this ebook or at by end of November you will get 2 free weeks of premium live wagering. Empower your players with real-time betting on over 900 events per month and triple your revenue!

This highly valuable eBook also provides some much-needed answers to issues that can hinder your pay per head growth:

“If you expand too quickly, you risk running into serious problems, so do what’s best for your business and take it slow. That’s the key to building a consistently profitable business that will last you for years, not months. When you reach 100 clients or more, this is the time that you should start thinking about expanding further.”

Whether you’re new to the business or have an established operation, you have nothing to lose in adding these free pay per head growth strategies and advice to your arsenal.

Newbies and experienced online bookies alike can have doubts as per whether they’re making the right choices to ensure their business success.

But there’s no question that the information in this pay per head eBook from the industry professionals at will take your revenue higher.

The eBook even has advice on what to expect when you finally hit success:

“Many people love being a bookie, but it isn’t for everyone. Having a thriving book takes up your time, but the rewards can be lucrative. It’s more than just a 9 to 5 job. You’ll be workout outside business hours to talk with your clients, while recruiting new ones. It may be an easy transition for you if your social group is centered around sports and gambling – being a bookie may even sound like your dream job. However, even if you’re a die-hard sports fanatic, there’s a lot more to this kind of betting than just understanding and following sports.”

This useful resource is only available for a limited time, so don’t hesitate – grab it!

Download your free Guide to Growing Your Pay Per Head Business today and take control of your future success.

Online Bookie Promo: Get Free Live Wagering at


Most sports fans are familiar with the world of gambling, but online betting and smart phones have created a new contender: live wagering.

Typically a pay per head platform will charge about $5 or more for each player on your list to provide live wagering, but right now you can get two weeks of live wagering for free at! 

That’s hundreds of dollars worth of services that will give your players more opportunities to place their bets, which means more money in your pocket.

The offer is running from November 1st – 30th 2015, and not only do you get 2 weeks of absolutely free live wagering but you also get:

-          Free data migration from your existing platform
-          A professionally built custom website that’s mobile friendly
-          A leading price per head platform with mobile betting capabilities
-          Quick and painless same day setup
-          More deposit methods than other platforms including Bitcoin

By offering live wagering for your pay per head business, your players can bet in real time from anywhere, at any time, which opens a world of possibilities.

You could send them text notifications when games they’re interested in are starting, or you could design an email campaign to go out mid-game offering unique betting suggestions depending on the score, injuries, etc.

Adding live wagering to your pay per head business’ arsenal also encourages your players to turn their regular betting into a social activity.

Making wagers against friends as they cheer for their team exposes your platform to more sports fans and adds another level of entertainment to the gambling experience for your players.

Do you love the idea of live wagering, but wonder if is worth the switch from your regular pay per head platform?

Over 20 years of experience in the online bookie business has allowed to perfect their platform functionality and keep their services up-to-date with industry trends.

When you sign up for the free live wagering deal for online bookies, you’ll also be getting access to their industry leading platform with:

  • 80 different sports leagues
  • 70 different horse racing tracks
  • A variety of poker games
  • Casino Vegas style games
  • Live casino betting
  • A 24/7 call center
  • Simple account management
  • Advanced reporting software
  • Unparalleled security measures
  • The most payment options on the market

As a bookie running your own business, choosing a reputable pay per head service is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. So make sure that platform is as committed as you are to providing the best player experience.

See for yourself what 7,500 online bookies have already discovered and sign up for PayPerHead’s free live wagering deal, it’s only around for November!