The 2016 MLB Midseason Bookie Update

At the midway point in the MLB Season, online bookies should be noticing steady action coming in on the World Series favorites. When it comes to pay per head agents and bookies that use per head services, managing all of the World Series wagers is easy. See below for information on where the money is headed. is offering a premium NFL season deal that will let bookies test’s premium platform for only $3 per head. That’s a 77% savings bookies will want to get today.

NL Update

The Chicago Cubs just acquired reliever Aroldis Chapman from the New York Yankees. The NL favorite Cubs just went from a 3/1 World Series chalk to a 2/1 or less World Series chalk. Online bookies shouldn’t expect their players to not bet on the Cubs just because of the lower odds. Chapman was the missing cog from the Cubs, the one thing that a lot of MLB bettors believed the Cubs needed in order to ensure a World Series win. Be very careful about taking large bets on the Cubbies to win the World Series.

Odds on the San Francisco Giants and Washington Nationals to win the Fall Classic, the only other 2 teams getting any buzz, are likely to go up slightly. The Giants could pose a problem. Check with your pay per head rep in order to manage odds and large bets on San Francisco. Washington has an outside shot to beat the Cubs and Giants in the NL. If you set a max-betting limit on all 3 teams, you should be okay.

AL Update

The American League is sort of a mess. The favored team to win the AL are the Texas Rangers. At the beginning of the season, Texas was a huge underdog. That’s changed. Texas is now a 3 to 1 chalk to make it to the World Series. The problem with Texas is that both their starting rotation and bullpen have ERAs above 4.

Cleveland is a co-choice to win the AL this season. Cleveland has a dynamite starting rotation, knows how to score runs, and is managed well. Expect professional MLB bettors to jump on the Indians in your future book. As always, manage all MLB betting through per head tools, to keep your book on track.


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  • The total wagered into the exacta and win pools came out to $435,358.24.

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March Madness Deal: Free Online Bookie Profit Guide

March Madness Deal - Free Online Bookie Profit Guide

March Madness is finally under way and online bookies need to be prepared for the profits they can potentially grab during these quick three weeks or so.

At, we’ve put all of our college basketball betting tips and pay per head software know-how into a new guide for online bookies: the March Madness Bookie Blueprint.

This useful guide provides great tips on navigating the March Madness chaos to boost your pay per head profits – and it’s completely free.

Inside the free Online Bookie Blueprint you’ll find seasoned industry advice like:

“Make sure that you know the game better than your players. Invest time in studying the players, athletes, and coaches. Players win big when online bookies underestimate teams and when they don’t know enough about college basketball history.”

As it guides you through the 4 weeks of preparing for and managing March Madness, the guide also gives you practical tools for executing your plans for more pay per head profits.

There are 4 freebie tools in all, 1 per week, but two examples are:
● Your 7 Step Strategy Roadmap: Use this valuable online bookie March Madness strategy roadmap to prepare step-by-step with the best tactics to maximize your profits.
● Newbie Package For March Madness: Set your players up with this newbie package for wagering on March Madness. It’s helpful for getting people new to the game into betting more often.

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Free Online Bookie Guide to More Profits during the NFL Playoffs


Free Online Bookie Guide to More Profits during the NFL Playoffs

The new NFL playoff guide from is revealing over 20 years worth of industry secrets and teaching pay per head businesses how to grow during this high-traffic time of year.

 Some of the practical insights included are:

  • How To Keep Your Book Balanced
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  • The Secret Bet Type That’s Sitting Right In Front Of You
  • How To Get Your Players To Bet The Way You Want
  • How To Manage Player Bankrolls and Keep Them Coming Back
  • The Right Way To Build Your Team

There are also free pro-tips throughout the guide, Bookie Success Secrets: NFL Playoff Edition, to lend experience to those who are newer to the game:

“Know your players’ bankroll and keep them within their limits by encouraging small, frequent bets so it doesn’t feel like you’re limiting their activity.” took this resource one step further and included 8 easy-to-use assets to make managing your players and balancing your book quicker and easier:

  1. 15 Free Bet Suggestions to Boost Activity
  2. Email Templates for Referral Programs
  3. Classic Line Movement Formulas for Balancing Your Book
  4. 4 Successful Parlay Scenarios that Convince Bettors
  5. Live Wagering Text Message Templates
  6. 4 Steps to Managing Your Problem Players
  7. One Month Playoff Calendar for Player Management
  8. 6 Contrarian Bet Formulas

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Bonus #2: Free NFL Playoff Guide

The second bonus is the Bookie Success Secrets: NFL Playoff Edition guide that reveals practical industry advice like:

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Bonus #3: Discount Live Betting

The last bonus included in this high-value offer is discounted live wagering for NCAA March Madness.

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