Online Bookies: Start Making Cash and Become a Master Agent

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Becoming an online bookie agent is all the rage. Why wouldn’t it be? The sports betting industry continues to expand. Sports bettors have multiple outlets from which to place bets. Cash flows every day in the industry. But, becoming an independent pay per head agent may not be enough. At some point, hopefully, an agent’s business becomes too large for her to handle. When those times occur, it makes sense for individual bookie agents to become master … [Read more...]

Online Bookies: Live Casinos and Horse Betting Will Make You Cash

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Getting more out of your online bookie business has never been easier with the largest horse and casino offering in the industry at We both know you know what you’re doing when it comes to handling your books. Our software just makes it easier for you to grow your profits and your player list. Live Casino Even in the off seasons and between games, your bettors will still be able to find action with casino favorites like Roulette, Craps, and … [Read more...]

3 Pay Per Head Tools To Use During NCAAB March Madness

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Two weeks are left in the 2017 NCAA Tournament. This week, the tournament pares the Sweet 16 down to the Elite 8 on Thursday, and Friday. Then, on Saturday and Sunday, 4 games will be played to determine the 2017 Final Four. Online bookie agents need the best tools possible to ensure they can manage March Madness action. See below for 3 PPH tools that bookmakers can use. Live Bet Ticker Since so many games are played during March Madness, it’s important for … [Read more...]

Online Bookies Get the Inside Scoop with The Right Per Head Platform

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Our PayPerHead team have been helping online bookies grow their profits, and their player lists for over 2 decades. When you become a PayPerHead agent, we give you proven tactics to attract new bettors to your book. We get them playing more often, and make it simple to manage that action, so you’re racking in the most money possible. What types of tactics are we talking about? Well here’s a sneak peak with 5 steps for making more cash during the NFL Playoffs … [Read more...]

Comparing Pay Per Head Software: Are they all the same?

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The answer to the question if all pay per head software is the same is - no. Not all online bookie agent software is the same. Some software is simply designed to allow players to easily make wagers. Other sportsbook software simply mirrors excel sheet record keeping. Sports book software that only mirrors excel sheet record keeping may be helpful to some bookmakers. It may even help those bookmakers that are happy with the state of their companies. The Three … [Read more...]