Price Per Head News: Real Premium Tools For Half the Price

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Experience the industry-leading premium per head software and the tools it has to offer for half-off the original price during March Madness. is offering online bookies the chance to utilize powerful tools that every bookie needs to successfully grow their book and their business. Online bookies will get access to the best tools that no other pay per head software can offer. If you’re a per head agents who wants to grow their book during March … [Read more...]

Common Mistakes Every Agent Should Avoid When Working From Home

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One of the reasons many professionals start an online bookie agent business is so that they can work from home. Working from home is an advantage that many bookmakers enjoy. But, as with all advantages, there are downsides to working from home. Check out three of those downsides. Lack of Focus This must be the biggest potential negative to working at home. Lack of focus can be an issue for many professionals, whether those professionals work from home or … [Read more...]

Comparing Pay Per Head Software: Are they all the same?

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The answer to the question if all pay per head software is the same is - no. Not all online bookie agent software is the same. Some software is simply designed to allow players to easily make wagers. Other sportsbook software simply mirrors excel sheet record keeping. Sports book software that only mirrors excel sheet record keeping may be helpful to some bookmakers. It may even help those bookmakers that are happy with the state of their companies. The Three … [Read more...]

Bookie Tips: How To Gain Customer Loyalty & Trust

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Competition in the online bookie agent business is fierce. As a price per head agent, you have a powerful partner in PayPerHead. Price per head agents who aren’t with PayPerHead, or don’t have their premium software, can upgrade today for free. Get the best tools, and the industry leading software, become a premium PayPerHead agent today. But, having a powerful partner isn’t all there is to creating and maintaining a successful business. Gaining and … [Read more...]

New Deal: Free Price Per Head Software Premium Plan Upgrade


Experience the industry-leading premier per head software of with it’s FREE ugrade to premium. Agents and online bookies will receive the powerful tools and elite features that no other per head software can coffer like PayPerHead’s. There is no other perfect time to grow your business right before the Super Bowl LI begins. Agents and online bookies will have fully customizable price per head software, the ability to keep their bottom line … [Read more...]