Bookie Tips: How To Gain Customer Loyalty & Trust

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 9.46.08 AMCompetition in the online bookie agent business is fierce. As a price per head agent, you have a powerful partner in PayPerHead.

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But, having a powerful partner isn’t all there is to creating and maintaining a successful business.

Gaining and keeping customer loyalty and trust is the most important aspect of any service business, whether it be the restaurant service industry or bookmaking.

See below for a few ways that you can do that.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Remember Circuit City?  You can be forgiven if you don’t. At one time, Circuit City and Best Buy were major competitors. Then, something strange happened. The company fell apart. Why?  Here’s a quote taken from an article by Rodd Wagner on

Wired magazine blogger David Becker snarked that with the terminations, Circuit City had solved “that nagging problem of clerks being overly helpful and knowledgeable.”

That’s how Circuit City failed. It stopped paying attention to customer service.

Due to the competition, it’s important that price per head agents always remember that they are providing a service to players. Customer Service must be number one.

Come Up with Incentives and Loyalty Programs

Everything written after the section on providing customer service should be considered ways to provide great customer service.

Incentives and loyalty programs are necessary to beat back online sportsbooks and per head agent competition. Keeping a customer’s loyalty is necessary to create a successful bookmaking business.

Don’t Neglect Casual Players

Your bread and butter are casual players. Without casual players, you can pretty much forget about creating a successful business. There are two reasons for this:

1. Most price per head agents are always going to have more casual players than pro players

2. The pro players that they have are called pro players for a reason, i.e., pro players only bet on games where they have an advantage.

Never neglect your casual players. It’s more important to keep in touch with your casual players than your pro players.

Pro players already know who they’re going to bet on NFL Sunday or NBA Friday. You don’t need to keep pro players interested in making wagers.

Only Sign Up Serious Sub Agents

Sub agents act as employees. You only want serious, dedicated, employees. Anybody else is a waste of your time and money.

Work with Players on Payments

This is true for both pro and casual players. Per head agents must work with their players when it comes to balance payments.

It’s a fact that things happen to people which prevent them from being able to make payments on cars, houses, credit cards and anything else that comes along in life. Great customer service means working with players on making payments.

Customer service is the bread and butter of any service industry. The bookmaking industry is a service industry. Providing great customer service is necessary. reps are available to chat online, or their phone number is 888-978-0288.

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