Become a Pay Per Head Agent With The Right Tools and Services

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 10.33.52 AMRunning your own sportsbook isn’t easy. The best way to do it is to become a pay per head agent, meaning that you partner with a PPH company.

Only a per head company can provide the necessary software, which leads to the necessary tools with features you need for your company to be competitive in the sports betting industry.

See below for the software, tools and services that you need to run a successful bookmaking operation.

Best Per Head Software

It starts with the software. If the bookmaking software isn’t up to snuff, there’s no reason for online bookies to partner with the PPH company. Great bookmaking software does the following:

Provides a great, malleable, dashboard – The dashboard is the engine of any online bookie agent’s business. Without a fantastic, easy to navigate, dashboard, there’s no way for bookmakers to remain competitive.

Malleable means the ability to change the dashboard to represent what bookmakers wish to see. For example, PayPerHead’s dashboard provides 15+ reports that bookies can decide to see or not to see. The reason malleability is important is because not all bookmakers manage their businesses the same way.

Great pay per head tools – The best PPH tools allow bookie agents to efficiently manage their businesses. Running a business requires an understanding of cash flow.

It’s difficult to know about cash flow, or to control cash flow, in the bookmaking business if agents don’t have tools like the hold percentage tool, or access to something like the layoff account.

The per head tools must have great features – It goes without saying that great PPH tools must have excellent features. For example,’s live bet ticker offers agents the ability to delete bets. It also marks bet amounts via a color scale.

Customer service – The per head company online bookies partner with must provide the absolute best customer service. Players have a ton of options. Only go with a PPH company that provides customer service that’s to your standards.


The key isn’t to choose a pay per head partner. The key is to wisely choose a pay per head partner. By doing so, bookmakers can jumpstart their businesses, remain profitable, and create long lasting organizations.

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