Want Live Betting Odds On Your Website?

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If you'd like dynamic, real-time updating betting odds on your website, you've come to the right place. The  NFL odds page at the RX, shows an example of the type of widget that can be added on your website. To get this code on your website, write to forum@therx.com. Below is a screen shot of the widget configuration on desktop. … [Read more...]

The Basics of Bitcoin Sports Betting


Bitcoin might sound confusing, but the reality is getting started is much simpler than you might think. Even if you are not PC savvy or entirely comfortable around a keyboard, there are just three steps you need to follow to get in the game by way of bitcoin. Step One: Open an Exchange with Coinbase.com Coinbase is the largest US facing exchange and the process of opening an account is as simple as opening a wallet with Paypal. You will need to spend some time to … [Read more...]

Sportsbooks Are Not Created Equal


While online sportsbooks might appear to be worth a try — with flashy sign-up bonuses, sleek mobile software, and good customer service — the reality is that not every sports betting site is created equal. Historically, operators have launched each football season looking to fleece unsuspecting players out of their deposits and/or winnings. Sports betting sites are created routinely by operators with either no intention of paying, or no intention of running a quality … [Read more...]

Why Comparing Sportsbook Odds is Crucial to Capping Success


There's a popular old saying gamblers like to use --- if you don't think small edges matter, go to any block on the Las Vegas strip and look up. Sportsbooks and casinos rake in billions of dollars in revenue worldwide simply by having small edges on their games. However, what keeps players coming back for more is the simple fact that not everyone loses. Sports betting is fun, to be sure, but players who can handicap well and look for sportsbooks with quality betting … [Read more...]

Pay Per Head Tips: Understanding Parlay Betting and Profitability


In almost every case, parlay betting leads to profitability. Online bookie agents must first understand this before reading the rest of this blog. That’s the key thing to remember. Don’t fear parlay bets. There are some things to consider, though. Before getting into that, check out why parlay betting is a great driver of profits. Parlay Bets – Huge Profit Drivers Parlay bets are huge profit drivers because in most cases parlays are designed to ensure … [Read more...]