Why Comparing Sportsbook Odds is Crucial to Capping Success


There's a popular old saying gamblers like to use --- if you don't think small edges matter, go to any block on the Las Vegas strip and look up. Sportsbooks and casinos rake in billions of dollars in revenue worldwide simply by having small edges on their games. However, what keeps players coming back for more is the simple fact that not everyone loses. Sports betting is fun, to be sure, but players who can handicap well and look for sportsbooks with quality betting … [Read more...]

Pay Per Head Tips: Understanding Parlay Betting and Profitability


In almost every case, parlay betting leads to profitability. Online bookie agents must first understand this before reading the rest of this blog. That’s the key thing to remember. Don’t fear parlay bets. There are some things to consider, though. Before getting into that, check out why parlay betting is a great driver of profits. Parlay Bets – Huge Profit Drivers Parlay bets are huge profit drivers because in most cases parlays are designed to ensure … [Read more...]

Online Bookies Who Can Manage Their Growth Become Master Agents

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Master agents are different than sub-agents. A sub-agent works for a master agent. The master agent is like the CEO of the company. He or she doesn’t get into the weeds. The key for per head agents to become master agents is to understand and manage growth. Are You Growing Too Fast? This is one of the key considerations. Let’s say that you’re an agent. The first month of your business you handle 3 clients. All 3 of the clients you know personally. You do such … [Read more...]

Pay Per Head Tips: Use Subagents To Expand Their Sportsbook Business

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There could come a time when an agent must become a master agent. Master pay per head agents are different than normal per head agents. Master agents hire subagents to help them with the work they wish to accomplish. Subagents can be a boon to master agents. Subagents can rally expand a master agent’s business. Check out why that’s the case. Master Agents are CEOs Master agents are Chief Executive Officers. What’s the goal of the Chief Executive Officer? … [Read more...]

For Only $5 Per Head Online Bookies Can Get A Premium Platform

Seasoned online bookies should have a premium platform to manage their sportsbook. Having the proper management tools will help grow their sportsbook to exponential levels. A premium sportsbook management platform is the obviously choice for agents when it comes to risk mitigation and tools meant to assist with balancing books and growing profit. The right price for a premium platform is an added bonus for pay per head agents looking to change partners. The right … [Read more...]